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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I've been wonderfully busy lately, & I've SEVEN new weddings I need to post on here, but until then, I've been featured on One Fab which is really lovely of them , of course it's all thanks to Bron & Dave for having one of the most creative and unique weddings - their island beach ceremony!

You can read the lovely post here

And I'll be updating with new photos very soon!

If you've found my site and would be interested in my style of wedding photography, drop me an email and I'd love to have a chat!



Friday, July 13, 2012

Here's a little look at Barry&Sarahs wedding from yesterday!  We climbed up the hill by the Magazine Fort in Phoenix Park,

Can't wait to edit the rest of their day - but got to get ready for Ian&Aoileans wedding tomorrow!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Leah & John, Ballybeg house, June 2012



I made them a little slideshow of the day which you can see here -

I was assisted by the wonderful Kyle Tunney who was second-shooting, you can find his work here

Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm excited! 7 weddings coming up this summer so far! So will have lots of new posts up soon - heres a photograph from a wedding I assisted last month, her bridal suite was just gorgeous, and it was lovely seeing her smile as texts came in all morning! 

If youre getting married this year, and you like my style of wedding photography, please get in touch- my email is and my prices range from €1,400 to €1,800 and all include a full day of photography from hairdressing to dancing, with creative portraits in between, 


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bron & Dave

 So, this was quite a dreamy wedding... it involved travelling across the country and getting a ferry with five of my friends over to Inisbofin island, I've wanted to visit this island for years and when Bron & Dave emailed me it seemed like the perfect offer!

Their wedding was so unique - with over 40 aussies flying over, they had a 3 day festival of events on the island where Daves family live, and where he and Bron first met. The wedding ceremony was on the beach in the bright but misty afternoon, and the reception in gorgeous big tents beside the beach that they decorated with flowers from the island. We stayed up dancing with them untill about 6am, when the sun rose and the island just looked amazing

The ceremony was pagan, with little rituals about finding your best friend and life partner, and blessing things like the earth they walk on and the air they breathe, and it ended with their hands being tied together!

So, despite the cold, we took to the fields with the wedding party and took some group photos in the mist! 

Bron said from the beginning she wanted a 'levitating' wedding photo!

The speeches were hilarious too, it's a funny thing being present at someones wedding when you don't know them that well - you get such a great picture of their lives and their adventures...

Since we were on an island and I was staying in a lovely little house there, we stayed for the whole night, dancing and chatting till morning and just generally having way too much fun for a 'job' ...

Bron & Daves first dance was a surprise for all the guests - they had taken Irish Dancing lessons!

Fingers firmly crossed that I get to shoot another wedding as amazing as this!! 

So, got to say a few thanks - first to Daves friend Eamonn who reccomended me for this wedding! Also my friends Declan, James, Andy, Tina and Carl who came over to Bofin for the week as well, and most importantly - to photographer Kyle Tunney for being my second-shooter for this wedding - he came all the way over to Inisbofin and he's just great to work with - I know I can trust him and he gets brilliant shots! So check out his work here !!

Sharon & Gary

Here's a little look at Sharon & Garys wedding from the 11th of June!

Kyrstin Healy came with me as second-shooter, check out her work- HERE! We had such a good day together, and she was so patient and calming when I got flustered!

lots of giggles throughout the ceremony...

especially when Conor interrupted the vows!

What happened next was amazing - Gary had been working on an old car when Sharon secretly had the garage pretend to him that it couldnt be fixed in time for the wedding, while really she had it fixed behind his back! We were all outside the church when the loudest noise of this little white car screeched around the church - Sharon had told me to make sure I caught Garys reaction - it was so incredibly sweet I nearly forgot to keep taking photos! He was completely overwhelmed and just kept hugging her and kissing her - it was amazing! 

Then I went with the wedding party to the beach where Gary had proposed to Sharon, it was really sunny but so windy! This is where we took the formal group photos, which I havent included - but I couldnt resist including the funny windy outtakes!

Thanks so much for having me you guys!!